2214127-92631b1cacc628b73922e955d2428428The Love Song of J. Afried Prufrock

This 2010 edition of the classic T.S. Eliot poem features 19 of my illustrations.

Kindling: Visual Essays by Sandy Smith-Garcés

This 2011 book includes four visual essays including Kindling, The Perfect Stone, Is This the Answer and Extreme Beauty

The Stories We Tell: Women’s Caucus for Art

“For Stories We Tell, we asked for the artists to tell personal stories manifesting in their work. These works portray the rich tradition of visual storytelling through women’s voices. What stories do we tell ourselves, make up about ourselves, tell others, or share with our families, friends and the larger world and what needs to be heard? The works selected ranged from activist to abstract, and addressed the individual aesthetic, political, or philosophical perspectives with contemporary interpretation with visual story telling, sometimes with an ancient myth, or simply based on personal or family stories. Storytelling is central to human existence, common to every known culture and women are usually the record-keepers and the storytellers of the family. We use spoken and visual narratives to make sense of our world and to share that understanding with others. This is a beautiful collection of stories. In viewing the works and reading the statements, it alternatively made me laugh and made me cry.”

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