Confronting Evil in Individuals and Societies.


I am honored to have had the video from my series The Perfect Stone selected to open Facing History and Ourselves Day of Learning Confronting Evil in Individuals and Socities at Harvard University yesterday. The conference was stunning with presentations by a wide range of scholars from across the disciplines including Anthony Appiah, Elaine Pagels, and former Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Luis Moreno Ocampo as well as Jill Medvedow, the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. While I don’t have a photo of the film at the conference, here is a picture of the video on Facing History’s twitter feed.

Each presentation added to a layered picture of Evil as well as the challenges and opportunities we face if we hope to prevent mass violence and cultivate the next generation of thoughtful, engaged citizens. A particular focus was the translation of the work of scholars into resources and practices for schools
. Hopefully the video can be useful in the classroom. If any of you are educators, I would love to hear what you think.

In the meantime, I will share videos from the conference as they become available.

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